SL Culture

Slightly International

Team SL is an eclectic bunch; the 18 of us hail from 8 different countries, speak 10 different languages and have interests that range from fashion and beauty to coding and keep fit. We’re all highly motivated, enthusiastic individuals with a passion for what we do so, despite our varied backgrounds and different roles, somehow we all fit together to create the perfect team.

Growth Opportunities

For every bit of energy we devote to having fun, we commit twice as much to the work itself. We believe in enabling others and sharing responsibilities to achieve our goals. Every member of Team SL is consistently exposed to great opportunities to learn new skills and grow within the company. The rapid growth and constant development of Shopological has made this much easier – it forces us all to analyse and adapt to the different challenges and opportunities that arise.

Work, SL style

Each and every person at Shopological is completely committed to their work, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun too! You never know when someone is going to break into song, instigate a debate on the latest Kardashian drama or suggest an impromptu baking session. The office can be completely silent for an hour and then suddenly someone will kick start an intense discussion on the latest Bieber track, recipe they’ve tried or place they’re dying to visit!

We love food

We may be a fashion-tech company, but we’re all foodies at heart. We’re huge fans of SL Masterchef, where we’re treated to a marvellous array of international dishes, cooked each week by our amazing team members. Whether it’s a serving of risotto, pizza, curry or dumplings, we get a little taste of a lot of different cultures throughout the year.

After hours

As much as we love seeing each other all day in the office, sometimes it’s nice to hang out and talk about things other than sales targets, coding and fashion trends. Our SL events are planned by a different team member each time and can be just about anything from a few drinks in the local pub to an afternoon spent solving a murder mystery to escape a locked room (it’s a long story…).

We live here

Since we spend so much time in the office, we like to maintain an easy going, fun and open space. We don’t have assigned desks, but rather we switch seats every day to encourage collaboration and communication. Our walls are covered in posters and whiteboards, a few of which display work-related info but most featuring our favourite shopping quotes, magazine cuttings and poster boys (and girls).

Shoreditch Lovin'

As we’re located in Shoreditch, we’re surrounded by the latest fashion, amazing works of art, innovative businesses and seriously good food. We’re all about bringing those Shoreditch vibes into the workplace, sharing with and thriving off those around us. Working close to other start-ups allows us to share info and, if we need to know about the latest fashion or beauty trends, all we have to do is look out the window.

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