Best sunglasses for your face shape


As the snow melts and we ease into Spring, it’s time to find some new sunglasses for the sunny season ahead. Take a look in the mirror to determine your face shape, so you can choose the most flattering pair! Is your face round, oval, square, or heart-shaped? Whatever your match- we have tips on finding the best sunglasses for your face shape.

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Round-shaped: If the length and width of your face are around the same size, then you can consider your face round. Square or rectangular frames will work best for you. The angles and lines of this frame balance out the roundness and add sleek definition. These types of glasses will ultimately bring structure to your soft-shaped face.

Our Picks: Ray-Ban General in Light Blue Gradient, ASOS Weekday Cargo Squared Glasses


Oval-shaped: If your face has mostly balanced features and your chin is a bit narrower than your forehead, you are considered oval-shaped. Oval-shaped faces have the most flattering options when it comes to sunglasses, and most styles suit this shape. One ground rule to stick by is making sure you don’t pick over-sized frames, as they will overpower your face. Check out some of our favourite universal picks for oval-shaped faces!

Our Picks: Stella McCartney Metal Rose Gold SunglassesZara Oval Metal Sunglasses


Square-shaped: If you have a square-shaped face, that means the length and width are about the same with a defined jawline. The sunglasses style that best fits this shape is an oval or round shape. This way, the soft structure of the sunglasses will balance your generally sharp face-shape. Think of it opposite as round-faced gals, wearing square sunglasses to amplify their definition.

Our Picks: Miu Miu Round SunglassesFree People Got A Crush Oval Sunnies


Heart-shaped: If you have a heart-shaped face, that means that you are narrowest at the chin and widest at the temple area of the face. To best flatter this shape, shoot for sunglasses with rimless lenses or with lower, wider edges. Going for an aviator style will draw the eye down and balance out the bottom of your face.

Our Picks: Ray-Ban Aviator classic, ASOS-Quay Australia High Key Aviator 

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Published in Style Essentials by Hannah Smith on March 28, 2018

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