The death of the skinny jean has been greatly exaggerated

denim jeans 2017

The skinny jean is still very much alive and kicking

After a year-long battle against the mom jean, the straight cut, and step-hem denim, the stylists-that-be have declared that the skinny jean is dead.

We’re not particularly thrilled by this diagnosis. A quick (30 minute) debate in our editorial meeting – which sparked some very vehement denials concerning the death of drainpipes – concluded that the skinny jean is still very much alive and kicking. ‘ASOS still have about 300 styles of skinny jeans to choose from,’ one editor said, ‘and more coming in every day. You can’t tell me that the skinny jean is dead.’


The style experts have traced the skinny jean’s slow slide into the fashion dustbin back to the ‘bastardisation’ – their words, not ours – that was jeggings; and we’ll give them that one, lumpy-looking, stretchy, trashy; jeggings are – were, thank God– a denim disaster we’d much rather forget.


But despite the shortcomings of the jegging, it just doesn’t seem fair to put the skinny jean out to pasture – especially when you have precisely 23 pairs of them in your wardrobe. After all, there’s a very big difference between something no longer being ‘on-trend’ and something being dead. Low-rise jeans are dead, skater dresses are dead, skinny jeans are just taking a well-deserved rest from the style spotlight.

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It’s true that the mom jean, the step hem and the straight leg are rapidly replacing the drainpipe as our favourite denim fit –  stylists are calling it the ‘liberation of your legs’ – but that doesn’t mean that skinny jeans are now obsolete. After all, we can’t, every day, meticulously style straight leg, step-hem jeans with the correct pair of boots or flats, and painstakingly balance out these volumous bottoms with a flattering blouse – effort! Skinny jeans are much safer. Easy to style with boots, flats, sweatshirts, hoodies, a blouse or a crop top – we just can’t imagine a world without them. They still are, and will continue to be our favourite fail-safe.

The skinny jean will survive.

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Published in Style Essentials by Kimberley B on February 23, 2017

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