The different mascara wands and their purpose


Volumising, extending, curling…there are a number of different promises made by mascaras and it often comes down to the mascara wands, so we’re cutting through the jargon so you can pick the best one for you

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Curved wands

If you’re looking for curled lashes, you should be picking up a mascara that features a curved wand. They work to hug your lashes from root to tip while providing even coverage.

Ball-shaped wands

This might look like a medieval torture device, but ball-shaped wands are great for hard to reach lashes while also giving them a seriously defined finish.

Skinny wands

If you’re looking for some perfectly defined lashes, a skinny wand will be your best friend. They help to coat your lashes from the root while also separating your lashes – making this wand essential if you have very thick lashes.

Jumbo wands

The bigger the wand, the bigger the lashes, which means a jumbo wand is pretty self-explanatory. If you want maximum volume and thickness, then this is the wand for you.

Hourglass wands

Hourglass wands work to provide a ton of volume for your lashes, while simultaneously lifting them for an almost false-lash effect.

Bristle vs plastic wands

Last but not least, there is the decision between whether you opt for bristle mascara wands or plastic ones. Plastic wands tend to offer more definition and you’ll suffer less with clumping, while a bristle wand if you want full volume and fluttery lashes. Bristle wands are also kinder to sensitive eyes!

What mascara wands are your favourite? Let us know @Shopological

Published in Beauty Bulletin by Harriet Page on July 13, 2017

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