The great debate: clear boots

The fashion world always has those marmite pieces that split opinion – it’s either you love them or hate them. Christopher Kane had a marmite moment recently when he attempted to revive crocs during London Fashion Week just last month (nice try Kane, but even you can’t pull that one off). This time around, it’s the turn of clear boots that have taken the nation by storm sparking viral videos and heated debates on whether they’re worthwhile. Here’s our verdict:


As a fashion writer, it’s important to keep an open mind in regards to trends and new happenings in the industry, and this is something that the Shopological team do with the emergence of each new craze that pops up. Of course, dependent on personal style and taste, some trends can be a little harder to accept but nothing has been as difficult as clear boots.

As a self-proclaimed lover of boots, we’re always excited by the prospect of new colour ways, new textures, new finishes and anything remotely different when it comes down to boots. So when a hype arose surrounding a new pair that hadn’t actually been done before, intrigue was at an all-time high… that is until we saw them. Clear boots are exactly what you expect them to be. See through and plastic. Yes, we don’t get it either.


Sparked by another marmite influence in fashion – Kanye West, clear boots are just part of the see through footwear selection that has stemmed from his Yeezy shows. With clear mules, strappy heels and boots varying in length all part of the Yeezy footwear family, there’s a whole host of transparent plastic-like shoes to choose from…woohoo(!) Regularly sported by his wife Kim Kardashian West, you can get an understanding over just how controversial these boots are.


While the boots are definitely progressive and haven’t been seen in the fashion world before, (if you discount West’s ‘influence’ from Raf Simon’s Dior Spring 2015 show) they still take some getting used to. Our biggest issue here at Shopological is that your feet have to always be pedicure perfect. With autumnal items such as tights, you can reside safe in the knowledge that your unshaven legs can rest easy hidden beneath opaque material.


Clear boots changes everything. Chipped nail varnish, flaking skin, bunions – anything remotely unattractive to do with feet will be on show for the world to see, and what’s worse is that they’ll be smushed against plastic making them appear to be worse than they actually are. You also need to factor in what happens when your feet get hot (which they will do because hello, you’re wearing plastic). Steam central.

While we can appreciate and admire the women who pull off the clear boots trend with ease, we’re happy settling for all of the other boot styles on offer. If you want to give clear boots a go, EGO and Public Desire offer a variety of affordable options for you to get a feel for before West’s version are released.

What are your thoughts on transparent boots? Join in the debate @Shopological

Published in Style Essentials by Symone Keisha on October 4, 2016

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