Should you be wearing pink this spring?


It’s high time you faced your fears and piled on the pink

Should you be wearing pink this spring? If every relevant menswear cohort – from Gucci, Margleia, and Common Projects to name a few – has anything to say about it, then yeah, you definitely should. Pink menswear has been modified for spring with clean and masculine cuts – heavy denim jackets, sharp utility shirts, clean shoes…if we can’t convince you, these stylish guys pushing pink to new levels of steeze will. Don’t be afraid. Take the plunge into pink.



Let’s start out with baby steps, yeah? If you’re not ready to go full-fuchsia, a single pink accessory will add depth and devil-may-care vibes to a monochrome outfit. Throwing on a pink baseball cap or clean pair of Common Projects is a solid starting point.


Jackets, Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Stepping it up a notch, when it comes to wearing pink hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets, do as this guy does – look at him, if he’s wearing it, it must be cool – and wear pink in the same strong cuts as you would usually and with your regular weekend wear. A pink utility, coach or denim jacket can be styled to a strong effect when combined with a simple white logo tee and blue wash jeans.



Pink trousers will – and you have our word on this – instantly lift your downtime looks to on-trend levels and keep you cool in uncomfortable temperatures. This is a case of confident styling; opt for a pair of pink pants in a comfortable fit paired with meticulously minimal pieces in white and grey for a complimentary, updated take on Scandi-cool.

Looking for more menswear trends? Well, look no further..

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Published in Men's Style by Kimberley B on March 17, 2017

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