‘Rompers for men’ are a thing now, and people are Freaking Out


Where’s me romper?

Before there were RompHims there were jumpsuits, overalls, coveralls or utility suits – you know, the one piece outfits women everywhere love and loathe in equal measure (the bathroom struggle is real.) If you’ve no idea what a RompHim is (where have you been?) we’ll sum it up for you: it’s a short onesie – for men, you may have guessed – complete with a zipper fly to uh, simplify bathroom breaks. We give you Exhibit A.


Predictably, the RompHim has blown up on social media. Reactions have ranged from scorn – ‘Would you even date a guy who wears a romper?’ – to confusion, to overwhelming support: the RompHim Kickstarter far surpassed its $10,000 funding goal, raising more than $38,000 (around £29,414) in a matter of days – we may very well be seeing a few of these IRL.


So why all the backlash? The romper rescues us from the horror of having to choose separate shirts and shorts. Plus utility suits, boiler suits, coveralls, whatever you want to call them have been making the rounds on the menswear scene for years now, so why the sudden divide over the style? We present Exhibit B.


Champagne-popping ‘bro-ness’ aside, we reckon the name has a lot to do with all the negativity. If we’d carried on calling them utility suits or boilersuits no one would have batted an eye.

Our thoughts? We give you Exhibit C: Cam Newton looking fly AF in a floral romper. We are down with roomy, knee length denim designs – we’d choose neutral or navy shades over anything pastel and steer clear of sandals when styling. Stick to pool slides or sneaks like Newton.


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Published in Men's Style by Kimberley B on May 26, 2017

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