It’s time to put a stop to stirrups in fashion


The fashion industry really wants you to accept stirrups into your wardrobe – but our verdict is in: stirrup trousers are entirely awful

We all remember stirrup trousers taking off in 2016, right? No? That’s because while stirrups were on the end of every pair of trousers from Balenciaga to Zara last year, no one – outside of bloggers and celebrities – actually bought them. There were still pairs dribbling around at 80% off in the dregs of the January sales, which I, and every other woman in the world apparently, ignored. I know this because ever since I first spotted them I’ve been obsessively examining the ankles of every woman I walk past to check if anyone has got on-board with this abomination.


While I’d love to say though I hate the look of them, I understand the practicalities of the stirrup, I just can’t. On the slopes? Absolutely, but on the street, aside from serving absolutely no purpose whatsoever, these awkward-looking bottoms are truly flattering on exactly no-one. Even Vogue has condemnmed them to the ‘fashion dustbin.’

But the nightmare isn’t over. Stirrup leggings are now trying to weasel their way onto the style scene, which is nothing short of traumatising. All of the terribly awkward-looking things about the stirrup trouser are magnified when stretchy, thin legging material is thrown into the mix.


It’s a very hard opinion, but it’s an honest one. Nothing can sway me to the stirrup. This is a trend that it’s absolutely okay to sit out on. In fact, we insist upon it.


Published in Trending Now by Kimberley B on February 17, 2017

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