The rainy weather outfits everyone needs in their wardrobe

‘Rain, rain, go away… please come back another day (or you know, preferably never)’ – this seems to be the mantra we’re constantly reciting in our heads at the moment, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones. But seeing as we can’t *yet* control the weather, here’s our edit of the best rainy weather outfits instead. Enjoy…


The outerwear essential

When it comes to putting our rainy weather outfits together there is always one thing that goes straight to the top of  our list- a waterproof jacket. The obvious option tends to be a trench – extremely chic, a trench always adds a sophisticated edge to an outfit- but for something a little more casual, opting for a waxed jacket is always a good idea too. Barbour is obviously the first label that comes to mind, but if you’re working with a tighter budget, then the high street has a ton of purse-friendly styles available too.

The best way to keep your feet happy

Let’s be honest,  there’s  no worse feeling in the world than having cold, wet feet. That soggy toe feeling is something we dread, so as soon as we even get a hint of the warmer weather leaving us, we’re instantly on the hunt for the perfect pair of boots. At the moment, we’re loving all the pointed-toe, block-heeled styles we’re spotting everywhere, but having a pair of wear-with-everything Chelsea boots in your wardrobe is also a must!

Don’t forget the added extras

Okay, so when we said that getting wet feet was one of the worst feelings there is, forgetting an umbrella when the skies decide to open is pretty high up there too. After all, no matter how much planning goes into those rainy day outfits, nothing will shield you from those heavy showers quite like a good umbrella. We like to go for bright pops of colour and eye-catching patterns to add a statement edge to our look, plus it always  helps to brighten up a dull day, doesn’t it?

What do you class as essential additions to your rainy weather outfits? Let us know @SalesGossip


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Published in Editor's Picks by Katie Brown on September 3, 2015

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